What Are Some Types of Spelling Games?


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There is a wide range of games that teachers can use to help their students, such as Treasure Words, Sparkle, Step and Spell and Flip 4 Steps. Spelling games can help students learn different words and expand their vocabulary.

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What Are Some Types of Spelling Games?
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In Treasure Words, spellings are written on index cards, and they are hidden all over the room. Group the students and give them spelling lists. Whoever finds a word spells it. Another student ticks the said word if spelled correctly. Students can switch places and repeat the game.

Sparkle is a common spelling game. The instructor can be a student or teacher. After the first word is said, the first student begins spelling it and says only the initial letter. The next person continues the trend until the last letter of the name then shouts sparkle.

Step and Spell involves a shower curtain containing letters and a start and finish box. Align the letters in keyboard or alphabetical order. The pupils sit on the floor surrounding the shower curtain. One kid stands on the start box, and the instructor reads one word. The student then moves to the first letter of the said word, stands on it and then moves to the next one until he finishes at the finish box.

Flip 4 Steps involves four steps where the child can learn how to read, spell and write words. The student should check a word card, say the word on it aloud, spell the letters, flip it back and write the word down.

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