What Types of Skins Are Available in the "Minecraft" Skindex?

The Minecraft Skindex offers skins for the player character in "Minecraft." Some of the available skins are Sam Fisher from "Splinter Cell," Santa Claus, a girl in a strawberry suit and a man in a purple wizard robe.

To use any of the skins in "Minecraft," open its page and click Upload To Minecraft. The website then redirects you to Minecraft.net. Log into your "Minecraft" account, and change your skin. The skin changes automatically the next time you launch the game.

Alternatively, you can change your skin manually. Click Download To Computer on a skin's page, log into your "Minecraft" account at Minecraft.net, and click Profile. Then click Change How You Look In Minecraft, select the PNG file you downloaded, and click Upload.

To change your skin in "Minecraft Pocket Edition," click Download To Computer on your mobile device, tap and hold on the image, and tap Save Image. Launch the game, tap Custom, and select the image you downloaded.

Register to the website to access the wardrobe feature. The wardrobe allows you to keep a track of the skins that you downloaded and recommends new skins. All content in Minecraft Skindex is used-generated and fully customizable. When on the page of a skin, click Edit Skin on the right to customize it. Repaint the skin as you wish, and click Download To Computer to download it, or Upload to share it with the community.