What Types of Products Does Blackriver Sell?

What Types of Products Does Blackriver Sell?

Blackriver sells products associated with fingerboarding; the store's inventory includes fingerboards, wheels, rip tape, obstacles and full-size skateboards as well as accessories. Blackriver sells a wide variety of fingerboards in different collections such as BerlinWood, Flat Face, Emanant and Bollie as of 2015.

BerlinWood is the store's biggest fingerboard brand. Over 95 percent of Blackriver's products come from Germany.

Blackriver sells several accessories for fingerboards. The company offers a variety of wheels for customizing the boards. Enthusiasts put rip tape on their fingerboards to increase control. Packets for sale at Blackriver include rip tape and attendant accessories. The store also offers trucks for attaching wheels to the base board.

Just as in skateboarding, one of the goals of fingerboarding is to go over and around obstacles. Blackriver sells a variety of miniature obstacles such as ramps, rails and concrete. Enthusiasts can purchase individual ramps, rails and concrete or buy entire parks' worth of obstacles. The parks include a fitting foundation and are large enough to support fingerboarding events and contests.

Blackriver offers a limited selection of full-size skateboards. The shop also sells items such as T-shirts, hoodies, patches and media, including movies about the subculture and back issues of Fingerboarder Magazine.