What Types of Products Does Aztec Candle Supply Sell?


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The majority of the products sold by the Aztec Candle Supply company as of 2015 consist of candle-making accessories such as wax, wicks, oils, jars and dyes. The company also sells candle-making books, as well as other items such as soaps, lotions, bath salts and soap-making kits.

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The Aztec Candle Supply website, CandleMaking.com, organizes its products into two categories: one for candle-making products and one for its other offerings. Under the Candlemaking section, customers have access to the various components used in the process, ranging from ingredients to tools. Each item's listing contains information about its price and specification. For example, listings for candle labels contain the dimensions of the label, while listings for dyes contain the volume of the product.

The second main section of the site contains listings for all other products available, including ready-made soaps and lotions, along with the ingredients to make these products at home. Unlike with the candle-making ingredients, this section contains fewer category options. All listings on the site have photographs of the products as well as user reviews. Customers are encouraged to sign up for the company's newsletter in order to receive information about newly available products, special discounts and online product promotions.

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