What Types of Printable Word Puzzles Are Available?


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Many different types of printable word puzzles, such as themed puzzles and those designed for children, are available on various websites, such as at Livewire Puzzles, Puzzle-Club.com and PuzzlesToPrint. All three websites offer a variety of printable word puzzles for free.

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What Types of Printable Word Puzzles Are Available?
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Livewire Puzzles offers a wide variety of word search puzzles with different themes. The word search puzzles include "Fourth of July," "Types of Music," "Treasure Island," "Chocolate" and "Baby Shower." The website also offers word search and number search puzzles for kids. Some of the word search puzzles for children include "Ice Hockey," "Baby," and "Bicycle."

Puzzle-Club.com offers word search puzzles by levels of difficulty, including easy, medium and hard. The easy word search puzzles have about 20 to 30 words to find. The medium difficulty word search puzzles have about 25 to 40 words to find, and the hard word search puzzles have about 40 to 70 words to find. The words for all three levels go in all eight directions, but the easy level puzzles do not share letters, while the medium and hard level puzzles do share letters. The website also offers an ultimate challenge puzzle named "The Hard One" that contains 100 words. Solutions to the puzzles are available for viewing at the website.

PuzzlesToPrint offers more word puzzles besides word searches, such as crossword puzzles, word scramble puzzles and cryptogram puzzles. The website also offers printable word puzzles for kids.

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