What Types of Free Painting Classes Are Offered Online?

What Types of Free Painting Classes Are Offered Online?

Free online painting classes include composition in painting, intro to color theory, explorations with acrylics, creating perfect consistencies in oils and painting landscapes. In addition to courses about technique and materials, find free courses about painters, such as Salvador Dali, online.

Some websites teach painting techniques in a cumulative manner, with each lesson building on the prior lessons. Some of those lessons include mixing flesh tones for figure and portrait painting, local color, dry brush mixing with oils and the first resolved painting from start to finish. Courses are available in video format with added text to support the lessons.

Websites that focus solely on acrylic painting offer courses such as introduction to acrylic painting and materials, painting simple shapes, still life, landscape and self portrait. These classes focus on an array of skills and techniques such as mixing colors, brushwork, adding color and volume through shading and highlights, and learning to draw objects and add color and volume.

Other websites are artist-based with skilled painters offering free lessons online. Artists teach coursework landscape, still life and figure, and they each provide their own unique perspective.

Coursework typically is offered for skill levels ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced.