What Types of Nerf Guns Does Target Have?


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As of 2015, Target stocks Nerf guns from the Zombie Strike, N-Strike, Elite, Rebelle and Super Soaker water gun product lines. Target also stocks several of the Nerf crossbow toys, as well as disk and dart refill packs and other accessories, according to Target.com.

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Using the search feature on Target's website, customers can enter "nerf guns" to go directly to Target's selection of Nerf gun toys and related products. Here the shopper is presented with Nerf pistols, blasters, machine guns, crossbows and Super Soaker water guns. These toys shoot either darts or disks made of Nerf foam material.

Nerf accessories are also offered, including dart and disk refill packs, holsters, stationary targets and moving targets. Target also stocks the Combat Creatures TerraDrone, a six-legged remote-controlled toy with a capacity of up to 12 Nerf darts.

The Nerf brand is part of the toy and game company Hasbro. The brand began in 1969 as a product of Parker Brothers, when the first Nerf balls were produced using a foam material that is sufficiently dense to propel accurately and far, but light enough not to cause damage or harm to anyone it might hit. Parker Brothers was acquired by Hasbro in the 1990s.

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