What Are Some Types of Magnets for Kids?


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Magnets are categorized into three types: permanent magnets, temporary magnets and electromagnets. Permanent magnets that are commonly used in schools are available in different shapes, such as round bars, rectangular bars, horseshoes, rings, donuts, disks, rectangles, multi-fingered rings and various custom shapes.

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Ferromagnetic materials have the ability to form and grasp a specific arrangement of positive or negative atoms. When the positive end of one magnet meets the negative end of another, the two metals adhere together through this bond. Permanent magnets never lose their magnetism, while man-made magnets possess temporary magnetic capabilities. These products lose their magnetism after a certain span of time. Factors such as heat and extreme pressure weaken their power of attraction. Electromagnets use electricity in the form of coils to generate a magnetic field around a conductive metal so they are capable of being turned on and off.

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