What Are Some Types of LEGO Computer Games?


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LEGO video games encompass building simulators like LEGO Fusion, adventure games like LEGO Batman and LEGO Star Wars and online multiplayer games like the LEGO Legends of China Online series of games. There are many LEGO video games based around branded content, such as the Marvel superhero universe, the Star Wars universe and the Batman fictional universe.

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LEGO adventure games are humorous, silent action/platforming games that allow players to control LEGO versions of popular fictional characters as they explore settings, collect treasure and defeat enemies through various means. Often the games including automated building sequences where the idea of LEGO sets are played for humorous value.

LEGO multiplayer games are similar to adventure games but are generally simpler and include an online component. Players can adventure together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in exchange for experience and other rewards which allow them to access greater game play features, character powers and other in-game boosts and buffs that improve their play experience.

Building simulators allow players to simulate the experience of actually playing with LEGO bricks and sets. Users can create structures, ships and other models within the creative framework of the game and can then preside over a town or area composed of their own creations and characters.

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