What Are Some Types of Knitting Stitches?


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There are numerous types of stitches used in knitting, including the garter stitch, the stockinette stitch, the seed stitch and the double-seed stitch. The garter stitch is considered one of the most basic types of stitches used in knitting.

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What Are Some Types of Knitting Stitches?
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The garter stitch has a very simple reversible pattern that appears as a solid row of stitches. It is a very strong stitch that does not easily tear. The stockinette stitch is related to the garter stitch but is much less rigid and more inclined to roll. It has a tight, V-shaped pattern and is commonly used by knitters to make various garments and cloth squares.

Basic ribbing stitches are also quite common. This stitch has the ability to stretch and then reform back to its original size, which is why it is often used for making sweaters. With ribbing stitches, the garment won't tear and can stretch to fit someone's body. Seed stitches and double-seed stitches have a textured feel.

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