What Are Some Types of Jigsaw Puzzles?


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Some types of jigsaw puzzles include new cardboard jigsaws, old cardboard jigsaws, modern wooden jigsaws, floor jigsaws and educational jigsaws. Others are three-dimensional jigsaws, old wooden jigsaws and the especially difficult modern jigsaws.

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What Are Some Types of Jigsaw Puzzles?
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Cardboard jigsaws comprise of thick pieces with different themes. The puzzles range from 30 to 1500 pieces. Some modern wood jigsaws get cut in a traditional manner but by advanced tools and skilled people. The pieces are said to fit in tightly together.

People should conduct some research before buying old wooden jigsaws, since the quality and cut vary enormously. Traditionally, cutters would use their skills to arrive at a variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, the patterns of each jigsaw were not definite.

Floor jigsaws work well for kids. They capture the attention of toddlers due to their huge, thick colorful pieces. Educational jigsaws are intended to be fun and often feature famous people, maps, animals and plants, among other interesting things.

Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles take a different approach than traditional flat puzzles and are considered more of a niche hobby than a part of the standard puzzle crowd.

Many types of modern jigsaw puzzles use extremes to add extra degrees of challenge for builders. For example, an extreme modern puzzle may have an especially high piece count or feature a pattern that is repetitive, making it very difficult for the builder to discern smaller patterns within the puzzle.

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