What Types of Items Are Sold at Fabricland Stores?

As of 2015, the primary inventory of Fabricland stores consists of an extensive selection of fabrics, including silks, wools, cottons and blends in a wide array of colors and patterns. The stores also carry related tools for sewing and crafts projects, such as sewing needles, thread, sewing machines and patterns.

Each Fabricland store focuses on stocking many different types of fabrics for use in a wide range of projects, along with the tools for completing those projects. The stores generally organize the fabrics so that similar types sit together in the same section. For example, they often group different colors and styles of silk fabric group together, while different patterns and colors of cotton fabrics are in their own section. The company's online stores use a similar organizational formatting.

The first Fabricland store opened in 1968, carrying many popular fabrics of the time but primarily focusing on crimpline knits. Over time the store added multiple locations throughout Ontario and other Canadian provinces, eventually moving to a warehouse model that also came with a significant increase in inventory. This marked the move from a specialty fabric store into an all-purpose fabric supply retailer. Due the wide reach of Fabricland stores throughout Canada, the company operates different websites based on the different provinces and regions.