What Types of Games Does I-Ready Offer?


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I-Ready does not offer games to users. The program provides many other learning and instructional tools to students and teachers, however. These features can help teachers prepare students for success when they face rigorous testing.

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One of i-Ready's prime features is Adaptive Diagnostic. With it, teachers can customize assessments to pinpoint areas in which a student is performing well or needs improvement. Not only does it measure the correctness of the student's answers, it also measures his response patterns and speed.

I-Ready can help teachers prepare students for the Common Core State standardized tests. Its Diagnostic and Instruction programs are designed to help instructors identify whether or not students are struggling in certain areas. These programs can help give teachers an idea of how to spend their class time. Special reading and mathematics programs are available to help students who are having a difficult time coping with the new standards.

I-Ready also claims that its system can predict a student's standardized testing scores. I-Ready's teaching systems closely correlate with what's found on a typical standardized test; the company correctly predicted the percentage of students who scored favorably on a New York State Assessment. I-Ready also provides tools designed to help target instruction.

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