What Types of Fingerboards Does Black River Sell?


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Black River sells many types of fingerboards including BerlinWood, Flat Face, Emanant and Bollie as well as FingerAirBoards from FAB. The company also has a full line of parts and accessories available, such as wheels, trucks, rip tape, obstacles and clothing.

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Fingerboards are precisely manufactured 1:8 scale skateboards that people commonly use as toys. Skateboarders also often use them to plan competitive routines and new tricks. Riders construct their fingerboards with meticulous detail to mimic the feel of the full-size equipment they use. Pricing can range from around $20 to $50 just for the board and chassis and several hundred dollars for a complete fingerboard. Many come with high-visibility graphics just like their full-size counterparts.

Trucks are available in single units or sets with multiple color options from Black River and Bollie. There is also a first aid section for replacement parts such as bushings and nuts. Wheel brands include Flat Face, Winkler and Bollie. Most wheels come with bearings and are available in many styles and colors.

Fingerboard enthusiasts can get Rip Tape to improve their grip on the board. They can also build their own miniature parks with scale model ramps, poles and concrete obstacles from Black River, Klotzblock, Bonsei and Harrier. Complete pre-assembled mini skate parks are available as well.

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