What types of fingerboard ramps are available through Blackriver?


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Blackriver offers a wide variety of fingerboard ramps, including kickers, quarterpipes, halfpipes, boxes, tables and rails. In addition to stand-alone ramps, Blackriver also sells large pre-made fingerboard parks. These parks contain many different ramps and features for fingerboarders.

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Smaller fingerboard features, such as the kickers and standalone rails and boxes, tend to be less expensive than the larger quarterpipes, halfpipes and multifeature sets. However, the expanses of the larger features allow fingerboarders to perform a greater variety of tricks. Blackriver's pre-made parks give fingerboarders opportunities to test their skills on many different features, but cost over 1,000 euros.

Blackriver also offers a signature series of ramps. These obstacles are designed by Blackriver fingerboard team members.

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