What Are Some Types of Electronics Kits for Kids?


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General electronic kits with numerous capabilities, LED lighting kits, circuit building kits and kits for teaching kids robotics are some of the different types of electronic kits available for kids. All of the different types of kits have options that range from inexpensive small starter packages with simple instructions for younger beginners up to more complex and expensive kits that allow advanced users to create larger projects. Kits for building specific items such as clocks or radios are also available.

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Snap Circuits makes many different general electronics kits that progress from multiple easy projects to large multi-project kits. The Snap Circuit 300 is an introductory kit with over 60 parts that can be used to complete over 300 projects. The parts are color-coded to make learning where they go easier. The Snap Circuit Green kit has over 125 projects that teach kids about renewable energy with solar cells, a hand crank and windmills.

Arduino-based kits are great for higher-level experiments, though they are generally more expensive. These kits use Arduino microcontrollers, which can be reused and adapted for other projects, to digitally control circuits.

LED cube kits, flickering flame lights, arcade game lights and blinking light sculptures are some of the many kits available for learning about electric lighting. Robotics kits are available to build rovers, vehicles and walking robots. Kids can build projects and watch them come to life as working toys.

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