What Types of Crochet Stitches Are Used to Make a Blanket?


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Chain, single, half-double or double are the four basic crochet stitches that can be used to make a blanket. Shell and granny square are also good stitches for a blanket, but they require a higher level of craftsmanship.

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All simple row patterns start with one row of chain stitches. The wider the blanket is, the more stitches there are. After the chain row comes the row of single, half-double or double stitches. One type of stitches can be used in all rows until the blanket reaches the desired length. However, It is also possible to combine and alternate between stitch types. A double stitch is taller than a half-double stitch, which is taller than a single stitch. Therefore, it takes fewer rows of double stitches to reach the required length, compared with using only rows of single stitches.

The shell stitch requires a higher level of skill and planning. Several double stitches are crocheted into one chain to make a shell. Rows of shell stitches can be added until the blanket reaches the desired length.

A granny square is another common blanket stitch that also requires a high level of skill. A granny square starts with a magic circle. Groups of double crochet stitches go around the circle to create the center square. A blanket can be made by extending the center square until it reaches the desired measurement for the blanket. Alternatively, one can make different squares of different colors, and stitch them together at the end. This makes it easier to change the measurement and to put as many colors into the blanket as desired.

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