What Types of Crafts Use Styrofoam Sheets?

Crafters can use Styrofoam sheets to make cupcake towers, Styrofoam mosaic art and decorative holiday decorations. Styrofoam sheets also make a solid base for building structures such as blocks and boxes.

To make a cupcake tower, build three boxes out of Styrofoam sheets. To start, build a box with 4-inch-tall sides and a full sheet as a base. Place sheets of Styrofoam inside for added support, and then build additional boxes to stack on top of the initial box. Make these little boxes smaller by 6 inches in width and 6 inches in length in order to leave a 3-inch border to place cupcakes. Then, decorate the boxes with wrapping paper and ribbon, and stack them.

To create Styrofoam mosaic art, paint the sheets various colors, and then cut them into interesting shapes. Glue these shapes onto construction paper or cardstock, placing them to create a recognizable image, pattern or a completely free-form design.

Make a decorative holiday craft by building four blocks out of Styrofoam sheets. Then, decorate these four blocks with holiday-themed lace and paint, and add one letter on each block to spell out the word "noel." Place the blocks next to each other or stack them so viewers can read them.