What Types of Crafts Can One Do With Elderly People?

What Types of Crafts Can One Do With Elderly People?

Some craft ideas for the elderly include knitting, embroidery, ornaments, wreaths, jewelry and clay modeling. Tissue paper flowers, potpourri sachets and bookmarks are also easy projects for elderly people.

Knitting is a popular craft for the elderly that requires few supplies. Scarves, blankets and socks are some items that elderly people can knit.

Embroidery involves creating designs with thread on fabrics. Similar to needlepoint, embroidery is added to clothing, place mats, dish towels and other items.

Many different types of ornament crafts are simple for elderly people. Styrofoam ball ornaments decorated with beads, sequins, glitter and other embellishments are simple and fun. Felt, ribbon and other supplies are also used to make ornaments.

Wreaths are a decorative craft for hanging on a door or wall. In addition to silk flowers, various types of materials are used to make creative wreaths, including bells, buttons, ribbons and tissue paper.

There are numerous types of beads for making jewelry crafts such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Larger beads are usually easier for elderly people to work with.

Clay crafts include a range of objects that elderly people enjoy making, such as figurines, magnets and key chains. Pendants, beads and other jewelry items can also be made with clay.