What Types of Concepts Do Starfall Online Math Games Teach?


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Starfall online math games teach players concepts such as basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, number ordering, and measurements, as of 2015. Other games take these beginner concepts and push them to higher levels, helping the player build upon the knowledge to deal with more complex problem solving.

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Starfall.com offers a suite of educational games that teach a variety of concepts and skills in fields such as mathematics and reading. Some of the games on the site are free to play, while the majority require a paid subscription in order to gain access. Its mathematics games focus on several basic concepts suitable for children in the early years of elementary school. The site organizes its games into tiers, with lower tiers establishing a baseline knowledge of concepts and higher tiers building on those concepts to introduce higher computational and reasoning skills.

One example of this is in the lower-tier game "Addition within 10." In this game, the user sees a colorful machine that includes one section for displaying a simple mathematical equation and two lower sections that illustrate this equation. For example, if the equation displays the number eight on one site and the number two on the other, the lower boxes may show eight red frogs and two green frogs to teach counting. The player then picks a number that equals the sum of the two original numbers.

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