What Are Some Types of Commemorative Medals?


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Commemorative medals are available for a wide variety of occasions, ranging from the Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal to the Royal Green Jackets Medal. These medals vary wildly depending on the country one is searching.

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In 2002, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Golden Jubilee, marking the 50th year of her rule. The medal made in honor of this event is based on the painting of her created by Pietro Annigon, while the back bears the royal coat of arms.

The British Silver Cross is a medal meant to commemorate the service of both men and women in the military, and is awarded to those that serve both during peacetime and during hostilities. Canada has proudly awarded the Memorial Cross since 1919 in honor of those that have died in the service of its military. It is also known as the Silver Cross.

In the United States, the Air Force Services Commemorative Medal is awarded to those that have provided services to the Air Force anytime within the years of 1947 to the present, though the medal itself was only instituted in 1999. These medals celebrate a number of events in both the political and military realm, and are meant as honors for various services as well as items of pride in one's country.

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