What Types of 4th Grade Math Games Can You Find Online?


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Some types of 4th grade math games found online include games to practice working with fractions, reinforcing addition skills and improving mental math skills. These types of math games are found at FunBrain.com to play for free.

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In "Fresh Baked Fractions," fourth graders practice their skills at simplifying fractions. The players see four sets of fractions and choose the one that cannot be simplified to the same fraction as two others. Each time the players get an answer correct, they get a piece of pie from Jackson. Getting all 20 questions correct, means the players get to write their names on the board.

"BallHogs 2" is the type of math game that helps the player improve her mental math skills. When the game starts, the players see a math problem and a tennis game in progress. When the ball drops, the players wait until the correct answer appears and then jump on the ball. The math problems include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

"Bubble Numbers" is the type of game that reinforces addition skills. The players work as a bumblebee moving pollen into the flowers. On the front of each flower is a complex addition problem. When the players are ready, they click on the wind cloud and wait for the pollen to come free from the dandelion. The pollen is an answer that the player deposits into the correct flower.

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