What Type of Yarn Is Needed to Make Your Own Scarf?


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Knitters and crocheters can use most types of yarn to make scarves. Yarn yardage depends on the pattern, the kind of yarn involved, the thickness of yarn involved and the size of the scarf.

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There are some important things to pay attention to when choosing yarn for scarf knitting or crocheting projects. Gauge is usually an important factor. This term describes the thickness of the yarn and is based on the number of stitches the yarn can knit over 4 square inches. A lower gauge yarn is thicker than a higher gauge. Texture and fiber are also important, as they can affect how the yarn drapes.

Yarn brands such as Lion Brand often provide guidelines on their websites to help crocheters and knitters determine the amount of yarn they need for a project. This is based on the size of the project, the type of yarn involved and whether the project is knitted or crocheted.

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