What Type of Welding Cap Patterns Are Available?


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Welding cap pattern types include those with four or six panels, in oval or even shapes, with high or low-crowns, and single-sided or reversible. Typical patterns come with a bill template and one or more panel templates, depending on the intended shape.

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A welding cap pattern's shape influences the bill's natural position. An oval version that is shorter on the bill side works best with the bill in the front. One that is longer on the bill side fits comfortably down the neck and works best with the bill to the back. An even-shaped design allows wearing the bill in any position. This feature is important for welders, who use the bill to block sparks.

Welding cap crowns depend on the number of panels sewn and if the panels have different profiles. Because the side panels are narrower on top and wider at the bottom, including more panels results in extra fabric at the crown and a smoother profile. The templates also produce a lower crown if the panels are cut off on the top. If a panel continues to a natural point, it forms a high-crown or pointed-top cap.

Reversible or double-sided designs can be worn inside out. The patterns require two layers of fabric, sewn from two sets of four or six panels. One disadvantage of a reversible cap is that its dual layers hold heat. Adding to this problem is the impracticality of adding a sweat band, a feature of single-sided patterns. The bill is double-sided regardless of the design.

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