What Type of Products Are Available at Musical Instrument Stores?

In addition to a variety of instruments, musical instrument stores often carry products for the maintenance and upkeep of instruments, books, DVDs, lighting and amplifiers. Accessories commonly sold at music stores include carrying cases, adaptors, power management tools and apparel.

Instruments at a music supply store are categorized as brass, wind, string and horns. Keyboards and percussion instruments are often included as well. There are books geared for budding musicians, including chord charts for beginners, and reading material for experienced musicians, such as holiday songbooks. Generally, stores stock reference materials, instructional books and foreign language literature. Some stores carry instructional DVDs and CDs, though there is frequently a small selection of choices just for listening also.

For aspiring DJs, music stores regularly carry interfaces, controllers, turntables, karaoke machines and mixers. Accessories at instrument stores for DJs range from isolation platforms and studio backpacks to utility tables and mobile trolley cases for transporting materials. Lighting includes those that create strobe effects, fog machines and mirror balls.

Novelty items at music stores can comprise of glasses and mugs, stools, jewelry, stickers and statues. Popular posters and stickers are those that feature famous musicians who have died, such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, and those that have an instrument brand name, such as Gibson and Dover. Music stores carry health care products like ear plugs, as well as cleaning solutions that are safe for instruments and people.