What type of games does Awesome Arcade offer?


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The types of games Awesome Arcade offers include simulation games, strategy games and cartoon-based games, such as "Caveman," "Rollercoaster Rush" and "Spiderman 3." Players can find free-to-play Awesome Arcade games at CrazyArcades.com.

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In "Caveman," the players must determine the best way to encase the prehistoric creatures in mud, and then break up the mud balls to reveal a prize before the creature can escape. Once the prize reveals, the player must move the caveman over it to get the point rewards. If the prehistoric animals hit the caveman before he shoots them with mud the player loses points.

"Rollercoaster Rush" turns the player into a rollercoaster operator. The player decides how fast the car goes over the tracks during the ride. If the car moves too quickly over the track, it will come off the track when it goes over a hill. The goal is to get smiles from the guests. The faster the player allows the rollercoaster car to go means the more smiles the player gets.

It is up to a superhero to save Mary Jane in "Spiderman 3." The players maneuver Spiderman over the top of buildings to find Mary Jane by jumping on to ropes and swinging on to the next building. This game provides many levels and obstacles to challenge the player.

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