What Type of Games Are Available on the Cool Math 4 Kids Website?


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As of 2015, Coolmath4kids.com is a practice hub for the Coolmath network and intended for ages 12 and under. The website directs users to CoolifiedGames.com, Coolmath.com, Coolmath-Games.com and ScienceMonster.com to play games. These partner websites host educational and noneducational games, but they are filtered and ad-free for child safety.

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The majority of educational math games are available on Coolmath.com and Coolmath-Games.com. Coolmath.com content is geared towards ages 13 and up, while the Coolmath-Games.com hosts content for all ages. Many games test knowledge of math concepts, such as fractions, subtraction and multiplication, and require players to quickly calculate answers to perform the games' main tasks. The game objectives feature popular mechanics, such as racing, shooting targets, memorizing patterns, solving puzzles and dodging obstacles.

At higher skill levels, the games heavily target applied math skills, emphasizing logic, mental and physical coordination, time management and strategy. These games also challenge players to use multiple types of math and reasoning skills simultaneously. For example, “Coffee Shop” is a time management and strategy game that allows players to choose the coffee recipe and set or adjust pricing to reflect customer demand. “World’s Hardest Game” and its sequel are interactive puzzles that require players to plot out the most effective path and timing to navigate around continually moving obstacles while collecting specific objects.

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