What Type of Flowers Come in the FTD Sweet Surprises Bouquet?


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The standard, or "Good" FTD Sweet Surprises Bouquet is an arrangement of miniature carnations in pink and hot pink, as well as white daisies and floral foliage. Upgraded versions of this arrangement are available; these include additional types of flowers while maintaining the pinks-and-whites color scheme.

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The "Better" option for the Sweet Surprises Bouquet includes all the flowers and foliage in the "Good" arrangement, along with two, full-sized, hot pink roses. The next upgrade, known as the "Best" bouquet, contains the same variety of flowers as in the "Good" bouquet, but in slightly larger quantities, with four roses instead of two.

The first of the two most lavish options is the "Exquisite." It features all flowers in the "Best" choice but in an even larger quantity, and with six hot pink roses with 20-inch stems, along with various types of greenery. The final option for the Sweet Surprises Bouquet is the "Ultimate Gift," which includes all flowers and greenery in the "Exquisite" arrangement, plus added gifts of Godiva chocolates, a plush puppy and a decorative pop-up card, making it an even more versatile choice for any special occasion or pick-me-up. The flower choices in the "Exquisite" and "Ultimate Gift" bouquets are the same.

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