What Type of Camera Produces the Best Print Pictures?


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The best prints typically come from full-frame digital single-lens reflex, or dSLR, cameras. However, their large size and high price tag makes them most suitable for professionals. Amateurs and serious enthusiasts should consider a dSLR with ASP-C technology for high quality at a more reasonable price.

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What Type of Camera Produces the Best Print Pictures?
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A full-frame dSLR has a large sensor that captures the maximum amount of image information. Although that information creates excellent images that result in high-quality prints, manufacturing costs are higher for a large sensor, and a larger, heavier camera body is needed to accommodate it.

The cropped sensors used in APS-C dSLRs are capable of turning out excellent digital images and prints, and they're easier for nonprofessionals to carry. High-end models can turn out images that are comparable to those created using full-frame cameras.

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