What Type of Baskets Can You Find at Basketville in Putney, Vermont?


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Basketville creates assorted baskets in the following categories: gardening, step, bathroom, office, wall, bicycle, mail, storage and more. This company produces specialty baskets like Nantucket baskets, along with trays, totes and handbags.

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Basketville, which was established in 1941, makes woven baskets to meet a variety of needs, from functional baskets like gardening to decorative trays, small woven display baskets and more. Its wall baskets, which hang from hooks inside or outdoors, can hold flowers or be used for decoration. Basketville's unique step baskets are the same size as a standard step, and have a cut out that allows them to fit into stairs. Step baskets have the classic woven pattern of Basketville's products, and can store a variety of items.

Another unique basket that Basketville makes is the Nantucket Basket. These baskets date back to the 19th century, when they were used on island lightships. Nantucket baskets are made of wood and rattan, and come in several shapes. Of the varieties available, round baskets are the most common, followed by oval and square baskets. All baskets come with one or two carrying handles and are available with or without lids.

For indoor use, Basketville makes office and bathroom baskets. Bathroom baskets hold toiletries and other bathroom items, such as tissue boxes. Office baskets store filing folders, papers, pens and more.

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