What Are Some Two-Player Basketball Games?


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Two-player basketball games include HORSE, twenty-one and old-fashioned one-on-one. Players have the option to play each of these games on a half-court setup, rather than a full basketball court.

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What Are Some Two-Player Basketball Games?
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HORSE requires the least physical exertion of any two-person basketball game because it involves only shooting. No dribbling, passing or defense is necessary. Players take turns shooting the ball from specified spots on the court. If one player makes the shot and the other misses, the one who misses receives a letter in the word HORSE. The first player to accumulate all five letters loses.

Twenty-one is a variation of traditional one-on-one. A player who makes a shot is awarded two points and then shoots free throws, earning one point for each that he makes. When he misses, the ball is rebounded, and one-on-one play resumes. The first player to reach 21 points wins the game.

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