What Two Letter Words Starting With V Can Be Used in Scrabble?

two-letter-words-starting-v-can-used-scrabble Credit: Photofusion/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Scrabble does not accept any two-letter words starting with V. The shortest words starting with V that players can use have three letters, such as "vac," "van," "vox," "vug" and "vid."

Other three-letter Scrabble words beginning with V include "var," "vav," "vee," "veg" and "vow." "Veer," "vent," "vino," "vole" and "vrow" serve as acceptable four-letter V words, while "valid," "vaunt," "vigor," "villa" and "vogie" are among the five-letter words starting with V. Twelve-letter V words that players can make in multiple turns include "vacationists," "valorization," "veterinarian," "vigilantisms" and "vituperation." "Varve," "verve," "viva," "volva" and "vulva" are Scrabble words that use two V's.