What Are Some Two-Letter Words That Are Acceptable in Scrabble?


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More than 105 two-letter words are acceptable in Scrabble, including ae, oe, pe, te and re. Two-letter words with high value letters include ex, qi, ka, za and xu. The letter m becomes a playable word when followed by any vowel.

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Since two-letter words can yield high point values, playing them can significantly boost a player's score. Use memory tricks to recall groups of words, such as all of these words that start with b: ba, be, bi, bo and by. Many acceptable two-letter words spell out sounds, such as aw, ow, hm, mm and ha. Still more are commonly used words such as go, if, it, is and on. Greek letters mu, nu, xi and pi are acceptable choices, too.

Scrabble is a word game owned by Hasbro, the parent company of Milton Bradley, one of America's top game manufacturers. The game was invented in the 1930s and trademarked as Scrabble in 1948. Competitive Scrabble, which is popular, is headed up by the North American Scrabble Players Association, which hosts a national championship tournament each year.

Part of the fun of the game is challenging words for accuracy and then checking them for inclusion in the "Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary" by Merriam-Webster. The dictionary was updated for its fifth edition release in 2014. The Merriam-Webster website includes a special page, www.scrabble.merriam.com, with numerous words lists and other helpful resources for fans of the game.

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