How Do You Tune a Baritone Ukulele?


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A quick way to tune a baritone ukulele is to pluck the strings, read the display on a digital tuner and turn the pegs until the strings reach the proper pitch. This procedure requires a digital chromatic tuner.

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  1. Prepare for tuning

    Find a quiet place to tune your ukulele, set your digital chromatic tuner on a flat surface and turn it on. Sit or stand close to it.

  2. Examine the tuning pegs

    Examine the tuning pegs, and notice what string connects to each peg.

  3. Pluck the lowest string

    Turn on the digital tuner, and pluck the lowest string on the ukulele. This is the leftmost string when viewing the instrument from the front. Pluck the string repeatedly, and keep your eyes on the tuner display. The tuner should display the letter D. If the needle is in the middle of the display, the string is in tune. If the needle points to the left, the pitch is too low; if the needle points to the right, the pitch is too high.

  4. Adjust the pitch

    If the pitch is too low, slowly turn the corresponding tuning peg counterclockwise. If the pitch is too high, turn the peg clockwise. Stop turning when the tuner needle rests in the center of the screen.

  5. Tune the remaining three strings

    Tune the remaining three strings one at a time. Starting with the string next to the D you tuned in the previous step, their pitches should be G, B and E.

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