What Are Some Truck Games for Kids?


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A variety of truck games for kids is available online, including "Mini Monster Challenge," "Turbo Monster Truck" and "Monster Truck Championship." These three games and similar games are available to play for free.

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"Mini Monster Challenge" lets players try their hand at driving a monster truck through various racetracks, such as the beach and mountains. While driving their monster trucks, players run over obstacles, such as sandcastles, picnics and other items. Players choose the vehicle to use based on the terrain. The challenge of the game is to get enough speed to get up steep inclines without flipping the trucks.

In "Turbo Monster Truck," players race their truck over a short track. The truck tackles steep hills and flies over the top of them. The players need to be extra careful to keep the truck from flipping over and crashing. A crash returns the player to the first level of gameplay. As the truck races forward, it collects coins.

Players get to explore their ability to flip cars and perform tricks in "Monster Truck Championship." The players get extra points for 360 flips, but if the truck lands on its top the game is over. This game provides a variety of ramps and obstacles for the monster trucks to use as leverage and drive over.

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