How Do You Troubleshoot a PSP When It Won't Read the Game Disc?

The handheld gaming console PSP plays discs for movies and games, but if the console suddenly isn't reading those discs, it can be frustrating. By taking various troubleshooting steps like cleaning the disc or laser, it's possible to get the PSP working properly again.

  1. Cleaning the disc
  2. A smudge or a bit of dirt on the PSP disc can easily stop it from loading when inside the console. Therefore, cleaning the disc should be the first troubleshooting step. Carefully use a soft cloth for rubbing smudges away and consider a condensed air canister for removing dust, technology resource Safari Books recommends.
  3. Cleaning the laser
  4. In some instances, the laser that comes with the PSP may be dirty and thus that is why the console isn't reading discs. To clean the laser, simply apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, and then rub it on the laser, repair resource I Fix It suggests.
  5. Cleaning the top of the disc
  6. The top and bottom of a PSP disc do differ. It's possible for the coating on the top of the disc which displays the game or movie information to begin to come off. In such a case, the PSP won't be able to play the disc. To fix this, reattach the cover by rubbing it, Safari Books notes. It should make a sound when it's properly in place.