What Is the "trick" to Peter Answers?

The "trick" to Peter Answers, which is a virtual tarot site, involves answering the asked question in the petition form by entering a period symbol before and after the answer. When you enter the period symbol, what you see will be different than what you type, allowing you to write the correct answer without the asker knowing.

These are the steps to using the Trick in Peter Answers.

  1. Tell someone with you to come up with a question about themselves that you know the answer to. Don't tell them that you need to know the answer, but if you don't know the answer, encourage them to come up with something else
  2. Type the question in the question field. Note: it is important to type the question before the petition or the trick won't work.
  3. In the petition field, start by typing in the period symbol: "." When you type the period, a capital P will show up in the field.
  4. Next, type in your answer. For example, if you are asking, "What is my name?" and the person's name is Fred, you will type in "Fred." What you type will not, however, show up on the screen. Instead, the phrase will continue with the letters for "Peter, please answer the question."
  5. Since Fred is not as many letters as the above phrase, your phrase will not be complete and it would be obvious that something was amiss if you clicked enter before finishing a word. So, once you finish typing your answer, place another period. This will then end the hidden typing.
  6. Then, continue typing the phrase, Peter, please answer the question.
  7. Push OK
  8. The answer you typed will given.