What Is the Trick to the Game Black Magic?

The trick to the game Black Magic is to have two people working together to follow a certain code. The code involves a black item while tricking the audience into believing that the two people are psychic.

The way the game works is that one of the two players is the guesser and the other is the pointer. When the game starts, the guesser walks out of the room while the pointer finds an object in the room to be an “it” item. Once the pointer chooses an object, the guesser is called back into the room. The pointer starts to point to random objects in the room, and the guesser has to guess if the object is the “it” item.

Since the guesser was not in the room, he should have no idea what the “it” object is. However, the trick to this game is in the order that the pointer points out random objects. Once the pointer points to a black object in the room, the guesser knows the next item that the pointer points to is the “it” item. This way, the pointer points to as many objects in the room as possible, but it is not until he points to something black that the guesser knows that the next item is the “it” object.