What Is the Trial of the Sea Lion Quest?


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"Trial of the Sea Lion" was a quest for Druid characters in the computer game "World of Warcraft." The quest was removed (along with other class-specific quests) with the Cataclysm update of December 2010.

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"Trial of the Sea Lion" was part of the "Aquatic Form" quest chain that was previously required for Druid characters to be able to shapeshift into a sea lion. It was the final quest in the chain, following "A Lesson to Learn" and "Trial of the Lake."

The quest was available to both Horde and Alliance players and required them to find the Half Pendant of Aquatic Agility and the Half Pendant of Aquatic Endurance. The parts of the pendant were located by speaking to residents of Moonglade to get clues as to their location. These locations were different for Horde and Alliance players. Once they found the parts, players brought the pendant halves to Dendrite Starblaze in Nighthaven to have them fused together. Aside from obtaining the pendant, completion of this quest earned the player 150 reputation points with the Cenarion Circle. Players could then complete the Aquatic Form quest chain by returning to their trainer with the pendant and learning the Aquatic Form shapeshifting ability.

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