How Do You Find Treasure Trails in Runescape?

Clues can be looted or pickpocketed at certain locations, but the main way to find them is through random monster drops. The tougher the monster, the better the eventual treasure. Clues may involve solving puzzles or riddles and may take you to a person or to a buried item.

  1. Get a clue from a random monster drop

    The beginning of a treasure trail is the most random and frustrating part, as the most common way to obtain one of the clues you need to begin is to have a monster randomly drop one. The higher the level of the monster, the better the eventual treasure will be, so it's best to grind the toughest monsters you can currently handle.

  2. Decipher the clue

    Clues can come in one of 10 different forms. Anagram clues require you to decipher a person's name from an anagram. "Speak To" clues simply give you the name of the person you need to find, but they may then challenge you to count items in a nearby area or to solve a math problem. "Look/Search" clues require you to solve a riddle that leads to a specific item or person. Map clues provide a small map. Puzzle clues require solving a "sliding block" puzzle. Coordinate clues give a specific longitude and latitude to visit. Emote clues require equipping specific items and performing certain emotes in specific locations. Compass clues require visiting a certain spot and following an arrow from it until the location of a buried item is revealed. Scan clues provide a general location and the number of paces within which a scanning orb will work. And finally, the Celtic Knot clues are another type of puzzle that must be solved.

  3. Collect your reward

    Some clues will lead you directly to the reward. However, some higher-level clues may first require the completion of certain quests to unlock certain areas.