How Do You Transfer Your Photo Onto Fabric Material?

To transfer a picture onto a piece of fabric, print the photograph on a sheet of iron-on transfer paper and then iron it onto the fabric. Clear pictures with bright colors print better than photographs with dark subjects or backgrounds. All a person needs for this project are iron-on transfer paper, an ink jet printer, an iron and fabric.

  1. Prepare the image

    Edit the selected image on the computer by cropping it into a square. The picture prints best at a high resolution. Use the computer's photo editing program to flip the picture so it is a mirror image. This ensures it will transfer in the right direction when ironed.

  2. Print the image

    Print a test picture onto a plain sheet of copy paper. Make any required adjustments, and then put a piece of iron-on transfer paper into the printer. Print the photograph onto the transfer paper.

  3. Transfer the picture to the fabric

    Check the paper's package for specific directions. In general, the iron should be at the highest setting. Place the paper with the picture face-down on the fabric and iron with firm pressure for about one minute. Carefully remove the paper.