How Do You Transfer the "Mahjong Titans" Game to Another PC?


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To transfer the game "Mahjong Titans" from one computer to another computer, copy the program files for the game onto a flash drive or external hard drive. Paste the files onto the other computer.

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  1. Find the program files

    Find the program files for the game "Mahjong Titans." In the file explorer, go to Computer. Then click on the Program Files folder. It might also be under the Program Files (x86) folder. Navigate to the Microsoft Games folder, which holds the folder for "Mahjong Titans."

  2. Copy the folder

    Copy the folder containing the "Mahjong Titans" files. You may either right-click and find the Copy option in the shortcut menu or select the Control button and the "C" key on the keyboard, while the folder is selected.

  3. Paste the files

    Paste the folder of program files into the folder for your flash drive or other external storage device. Open the folder for your storage device in the file explorer. Then, right-click in the folder, and choose Paste in the menu. Or press the Control button and the "V" key to paste the folder.

  4. Copy and paste the folder

    Plug the flash drive or external hard drive into the other computer. Then, copy the folder, and paste it into the Program Files folder on that computer. If the computer is running on a different operation system from the first computer, you may need to download a patch for the game to run properly.

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