How Do You Transfer Games From a PC to a PSP?


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To transfer games from a PC to a PSP, insert the PSP's memory card into the PC's media card reader, and copy the game file into the memory card's folder. You need a Memory Stick Duo SD card and a PC or laptop with an SD card slot.

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  1. Prepare the SD card

    If the SD card is the original one, navigate to the game library, and highlight the SD card icon to ensure that the card has enough available space. If the SD card is new, navigate to System Settings, and select Format Memory Stick to format the new card.

  2. Insert the SD card into the PC

    Insert the SD card into the correct slot of a PC's media card reader or a laptop's single SD card slot. If the PC or laptop does not contain an SD card slot, use an external media card reader that is connected to the PC via USB cable.

  3. Transfer the game file

    Navigate to the Start Menu, and select Computer. Open each removable disk until you find the SD card's folder. Navigate to the folder on the PC that contains the game file. Drag and drop the game file into the SD card's folder to transfer it completely. Copy and paste the game file into the SD card's folder to keep a copy of the game file on both systems. Disconnect the SD card from the PC, and return it to the PSP.

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