What Are Some Train Games to Play on the Computer?


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Some fun train games that are available to play on computers include “Epic Trains 2” and “Railway Bridge.” Both of these games are available to play for free from arcade websites such as Traingaming.com and Microoyun.com.

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In “Epic Trains 2,” players use a computer mouse to lay track to complete the missions that are available at the start of every stage. At the first stage, for example, players have the task of laying track between two oil refineries. The game uses this stage as a tutorial to teach gamers how to play. While laying track on each stage, players have to keep their budget in mind. Along with laying track, they also have to place train stations and choose which kinds of trains they want.

In “Railway Bridge,” players use a mouse to build a bridge while keeping physics in mind so that a train can cross a gap. The goal of the game is to make sure that the train gets to the other side, but there are also three stars that players can collect on each stage. Collecting the stars often requires players to build the bridges in unconventional ways. Getting the stars not only increases the players' ratings but also allows them to unlock more trains.

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