What Are Some Traditional Floral Arrangement Ideas for a Quinceanera?


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A traditional floral arrangement idea for a quinceanera is to incorporate the Three Roses ceremony into the centerpieces. The middle of the centerpiece is comprised of unopened roses of any color, and then surrounded by a ring of half-opened roses, followed by an outside ring of fully bloomed roses.

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There are a few traditions in the ceremony and reception that can be incorporated into the centerpieces. For example, there is a crowning ceremony where a head piece is removed from the quinceanera's hair and it is replaced with a tiara. Placing costume tiara's or jewel's in the shape of a tiara on the ribbons or vases around the flowers is a way to tie the tradition into the decor.

During the reception, the father traditionally gives his daughter one last doll as the last toy she receives now that she is a woman. Centerpieces that revolve around this theme are a fun alternative to basic flowers or candles. Dolls are purchased at craft stores and dressed in the same fabric as the quinceanera's dress with a skirt made out of white flowers.

While there are not any truly traditional floral arrangements, a theme can be created or utilized by picking a color theme for all of the decor. The color white is essential to a quinceanera celebration and should be considered when choosing flowers. Most quinceanera receptions include party favors that can be incorporated into the centerpieces, with or without flowers.

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