How Do You Trade YuGiOh! Cards Online?


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YuGiOh! cards can be traded online on Trade Cards Online, Pojo and eBay. In addition to picking from cards that are already available, you can make a list of the cards that you want. Trade Cards Online acts as the middleman and puts users in contact with each other. It also offers a rating system for the users, so that you can see how many times a user traded successfully.

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Trade Cards Online offers various filters to make the search easier. Filter cards by rarity, type, monster type, attack points, defense points, level or attribute. The website is free to register. See the last time a seller logged in to the website by hovering over the sphere next to her username to determine whether or not the listing is still active.

Pojo has a forum category dedicated to trading YuGiOh! cards. Its rules indicate that users can only open one trading thread per week. Although you can trade as often as you wish. If you strike a deal with another user, cards must be sent in seven business days.

EBay also has a category for trading cards. Searching for YuGiOh! in the trading cards category as of 2015 returns more than 35,000 listings, some of which sell multiple cards at a time. Similarly, you can sell your cards on eBay. EBay does not offer any filter related to the cards' contents.

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