What Are Some Toys That Can Be Purchased From Big Lots?

Big Lots carries toys for both boys and girls, including dolls, action figures, playsets and balls or games for ages ranging from preschool to adulthood, as of May 2015. Because Big Lots is a closeout retailer, the selection available is constantly changing.

Toys aimed at young boys available from Big Lots include action figures of comic book heroes and masks and costume accessories. Balls of many different shapes and sizes are available from the closeout retail store, and shoppers can find banks and other interactive and decorative accessories for children's rooms.

Toys for young girls include dolls featuring princesses and the stars of many popular television shows as well as kitchen, doctor and sports playsets. Big Lots also offers building sets aimed at both genders.

Preschool toys include block books that young learners can use to identify shapes and colors along with stuffed animals that teach important play concepts. Dolls and toys safe for use by preschoolers are sold at Big Lots alongside activity sets to keep preschoolers entertained.

Board games and advanced toys for early teen players are also available, and shoppers can find a variety of team-themed playsets that focus on interaction and social skills. Jumbo pens, paints and markers help children of all ages explore their creative sides.