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Toy guns come in a variety of styles that include toy pistols, cap guns, machine guns, rifles and dart guns. Other varieties of toy guns include water guns, Western-style guns, and replicas of most real guns. Toy guns are available for purchase from companies such as Nerf, Quanzhou Creational Accessories, Brickarms, Fun Express and Toysmith, as well as from Crosman, Amazon.com and many others.

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While some toy guns are designed with bright colors out of plastic or other materials, many guns are replicas of actual guns. For example, Mallatt's Costumes and Accessories sells a toy machine gun prop that makes a clicking sound when the trigger is pulled; it features an orange tip for safety to keep the gun from being mistaken for a real weapon. Brickarm's offers toy guns in realistic designs, including an M23 pistol with silencer that closely resembles a real pistol.

Popular gun designs include Gatling guns, rifles and guns modeled after weapons used in popular movies and TV shows. Nerf offers a variety of Zombiestrike guns in various designs to cater to the zombie-loving crowd; models include the Doominator, Flipfury and Zombie Strike Biosquad Abolisher ZR-800 blasters. The Nerf website features many other toy weapons.

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