How Do You Find Tournament Results for the North American Bridge Championships?


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The tournament results for the North American Bridge Championships can be found at acbl.org, the official website of the American Contract Bridge League. The website has a simple listing of the winners' names as well as a comprehensive record of all hands played during a specific event.

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How Do You Find Tournament Results for the North American Bridge Championships?
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The American Contract Bridge League has over 167,000 members and was founded in 1937. It sponsors three yearly bridge conventions that are collectively known as the North American Bridge Championships. The tournaments, referred to as the spring, summer, and fall championships, are held in various cities located in the United States or Canada. These events usually last for about 11 days and there are prizes awarded for different achievements, as well as an overall winning team. The record of these winners kept at acbl.org is complete and covers the entire history of these tournaments, some of which predate the founding of the league.

Like the winners of major league sports championships, the champions of these events receive trophies that are specific to the individual event. The names of these trophies are the Vanderbilt Cup for the spring event, the Spingold Trophy for the summer event, and the Reisinger Memorial Trophy for the fall event. Each of these championships were first held at different times, but they have been held and organized by the American Contract Bridge League since 1958.

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