What Is the Total Jerkface "Happy Wheels" Game?


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Happy Wheels, hosted on TotalJerkface.com, is a popular browser-based game infamous for its gratuitous violence, ragdoll physics and ability to run user-created levels. Players control their character riding on a number of different vehicles and attempt to reach the finishing zone of the stage.

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Happy Wheels was designed by Jim Bonacci and Jason Schymick and released in 2010. The game features simple keyboard-based controls, making it an easy game for people to pick up. However, its infamous difficulty means that players end up losing repeatedly when attempting new stages. Along the way, characters in the game suffer unrealistic and excessively violent damage, leading to a considerable amount of blood and gore. The game also features ragdoll physics, causing limbs and other body parts to flail about if they fall off their vehicle or suffer from too much damage.

Part of the game's popularity is due to its simplicity; levels rarely take much longer than one minute to complete. In addition, users can submit their own levels, adding to the millions already hosted online. However, some of the game's appeal is due to the novelty of its graphic content, which many compare to Mortal Kombat and other games known for over-the-top violence.

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